Dealers:  Meet your new online salesperson.  Notice how life-like and realistic she appears?  Your consumers will too.  Even better, she doesn't just look great, but she is smart.  She uses Artificial Intelligence to be knowledgable and useful in her purpose.  Ai-Dealer's Artificial Intelligence logo designed by Ai-Dealer partner - Ai-Dreams (formerly known as Chalice Graphics).


          Humanizing technology using Artificial Intelligence

          Pure Science or Practical Art?


e-Learning for Dealers

Dealers:  Don't want to pay for a consultant to come to you?

Do you want to maintain and support world-class best practices? 

Are you worried that turnover will erode the gains you have made?

Are you stuck for a "best practice" to take to your 20-group?

Do you need a source of renewal so that you and your managers can work on your business and not just in it?

If so, e-Learning is for you.

Ai-Dealer is converting the Nickelsen Partner's cumulative knowledge to a rich multi-media e-Learning format.  As a blend of class learning, video streaming of live examples, fully interactive ROLE-PLAYING with Ai-Dealer's avatar as teacher and certification testing, you'll find this an effective tool to implement and maintain the Nickelsen Partners' best practices in your dealership.  As the modules are completed, the titles below will become active links you can select to activate.

Listen to one of the best F&I managers in the industry describe how important role-playing was to his success.  Want to see him in action?  Run the file in the frame below.

Ai-Dealer's e-Learning will allow your staff to practice and role-play with pretend customers in real-life situations with an online professional coach giving feedback as they go for improved retention. 

Study, subscribe and view these e-Learning courses in your dealership, at home and at your own pace.  Click on the titles below to view a brief overview of each (check back regularly.  First ones to be activated in the Summer of '07). 

Has employee turnover ever eroded any of your favorite dealership processes?  Use e-Learning to keep the momentum on a pay-as-you-go basis or a-la-carte basis.  Alternatively you can subscribe for unlimited access to all modules for all of your staff for $1,000/month.  You'll be glad you did.

Variable Operations

  1. Showroom Efficiency - an awesome customer experience = a 35-40% closing ratio
    • Welcome + Discovery - connecting, listening, speaking to emotions, close with hope
    • Product - How to do a vehicle walk-around and demo ride
    • Numbers - Presentation, Negotiation, Decision
    • Accessories and setting up the F+I process
    • Unsold Prospect Follow Up, Referrals and Prospecting - The Unforgivable Sin (not doing this)
    • Delivery
  2. Managers - Morning Meeting, 1 on 1's, Hot Prospect Calls - start your day right.
  3. Incoming Trades - not just a used vehicle decision.

Fixed Operations

  1. Service - vehicle walk around, presenting the multi-point inspection
  2. Service - defections and loyalty; an action plan
  3. Service - setting the perfect appointment
  4. Body Shop - following up unsold estimates
  5. Body Shop - interactions with other department processes
  6. Parts - accessory + tire sales
  7. Parts - using eBay to clear aged inventory

Forms, Whitepapers + Templates

  1. Dealership Balanced Scorecard - download the template
  2. Telephones, Technology and the Internet - review, plan, save
  3. Buying a DMS - not an easy decision
  4. Buying a CRM system - still not easy
  5. Selecting a website provider - considerations, choices
  6. Service follow up - forecast maintenance, CSI, recalls, defections
  7. Employee Handbook - a sample to build upon
  8. Employee Pay Plans - "show us a pay plan and we'll give you a job description"
  9. Variable Operation Regulatory Issues - an introduction and review guide