Car Dealers:  Add a Shopping Cart Ecommerce system to your dealership's website.  Use your transactional website capability to attract, engage and sell cars online.




          Click. Shop. Buy.
          Shopping Cart Ecommerce for Car Dealers.
          Use It To Attract, Engage, Sell.

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For Car Dealers:

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Shopping Cart...


Reason #1 - It is profitable.  You only pay for results.

Reason #2 - Competitive advantage.  Be the "Internet friendly" dealer in your market.  It is where your consumers are.  Meet them there.

Reason #3 - Don't miss out!  There is no other system like this on the market.  First or last.  You get the idea.

Reason #4Less risk than newspaper ads + hiring new staff.  After 2-3 sales, you should have recouped your setup fee.  Most dealers recoup this with an initial email blast to their unsold prospects + consumer base announcing that they now have the shopping cart.

Reason #5 - Internet F&I profits.  Your showroom selling efforts do not ignore this important profit center.  Now you can do better than "Discuss at Delivery" with your Internet consumers.

Reason #6 - Accessory sales.  Often overlooked in the showroom selling process, expect much higher penetration online.

Reason #7 - No additional costs.  If you have a website and an email address, you have everything you need.  No additional staff, training, technology or expense.

Reason #8 - Improved Consumer Experience.  "Call or email for price" and "Come on in" is not an online buying experience.  An effective and complete online selling process that delivers a message of trust is.

Reason #9 - Branding.  One size fits all, rarely fits anyone well.  System selling processes, pricing and trade valuation philosophies are all determined by dealer.

Reason #10 - Did we mention that it was profitable, but if you delay you could miss out?  And yes it is available in Canada too.


How to Buy...

Download and return two signed copies of our pay-as-you-go customer agreement.  Some discounts are available for multiple rooftops of the same franchise in the same state.  Click here to see our pay-for-results-only fees.

Please contact us by emailing signmeup@ (then add after the @ sign).  Be sure to include your name, address, franchises by location and phone number.