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Dealers:  did you know...

  • > 80% of consumers use the Internet as part of their vehicle purchasing experience?
  • ~ 40% of consumers will go so far as to submit an online sales lead request as part of this experience?
  • > 40% of consumer internet lead requests go unanswered?
  • > 57% of answered lead requests resulted in consumers who said their question or inquiry was “not answered effectively?”

Yet in spite of this heightened and increasing Internet activity level, most dealers report significant frustration and a lack of profitable results in this area. 

Dealers today sell cars in their showrooms and respond to leads coming in from the Internet.  Neither activity can be termed e-Commerce in any effective meaning of the term.

Ai-Dealer's flagship dealership product is called a shopping cart ecommerce system.  This revolutionary new system is provided to dealers to provide to their consumers.  Using Ai-Dealer's shopping cart ecommerce system, online consumers are guided through the complete (credit, finance, lease, extended service, accessories, insurances, protections, taxes, title and fees) vehicle purchasing experience just as if they were in your dealership's showroom and working with your sales staff.  In fact that is the alternative this system replaces and is its value innovation - more sales at a lower cost

Unlike Internet lead services (which harvest consumer contact info then leave you with the messy process of managing the followup and conversion into showroom appointments), the shopping cart lets online consumers 100% self-serve their own car deal and creates an effective, immersive buying experience.

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