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Top 10 Reasons For A Shopping Cart...

Reason #1 - It is profitable.  Typical results are a 1-2x increase in monthly online selling opportunities just from existing website traffic, 40-60% engaged response rates with a 50% follow up close rate in addition to 10-20% completed purchases online.

Reason #2 - Competitive advantage.  Be the "Internet friendly" dealer in your market.  It is where your consumers are.  Meet them there.

Reason #3 - Don't miss out!  There is no other system like this on the market.  First or last.  You get the idea.

Reason #4 - Less risk and cost than newspaper ads + hiring new staff.

Reason #5 - Internet F&I profits.  Your showroom selling efforts do not ignore this important profit center, so why do your current web efforts?

Reason #6 - Accessories presented every time.  Often overlooked in the showroom selling process, expect much higher penetration online.

Reason #7 - Few additional costs.  If you have a website, a DMS, and an email address, you have everything you need.  No additional staff, training, technology or expense.

Reason #8 - Improved Consumer Experience.  "Call or email for price" and "Come on in" is not an online buying experience and it is not Ecommerce.  An effective and complete online selling process that engages your consumer and drives them to buy from your dealership is.

Reason #9 - Branding.  One size fits all, rarely fits anyone well.  Selling processes, pricing, negotiating, credit, and trade valuation philosophies are all determined by you, the dealer.

Reason #10 - Just because our CEO has taken too many hockey pucks to the head, our services are available in Canada too.

How to Buy...

Download and return two signed copies of our pay-as-you-go customer agreement.  Discounts are available for multiple rooftops of the same franchise in the same state.

Please to inquire about or place an order.  Be sure to include your name, address, franchises by location and phone number.

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"We love the engagement the Shopping Cart creates with consumers.  They come, they shop, they buy."
--- Danny Bayard, Braman Audi