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Press Release - For Immediate Issue

  Shopping Cart For Used Cars


Ai-DealerDayton, OH.  November 15, 2009. 

Ai-Dealer, the software pioneer in car dealer shopping cart ecommerce, today announced the expansion of its breakout "Shopping Cart Ecommerce" program applicability from new vehiclesto now include used vehicles too.

"Until now Ai-Dealer's shopping cart ecommerce program has only been for new car dealers and only for their new vehicles," said Brian E. Hoecht, Ai-Dealer's founder and CEO.  "Used vehicles presented some highly complex and unique challenges for shop and buy online software services.  For example, interest rates are far more variable by credit tier and by model year, dealer data in their Dealership Management Systems is just terrible which presents a number of merchandising and deal calculation challenges, and so on.  While we know the used vehicle shopper is much more of a "buy now" shopper, from a software credibility and effectiveness standpoint we believed it was critical to get things right before pressing ahead into this next phase of our business.

And there are many phases, still to come.  In Q1 2010 we expect to launch an exciting new product to help dealers with vehicle merchandising, fill a need which just isn't being met by any provider in the marketplace, and that really will help dealers take their online sales success to the next level."

The company also reported that it has many additional, exciting, and breakthrough products and applicability of its shop and buy online services under development that will be announced as they are released into the marketplace.