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Nickelsen Partners

Consulting for Dealers

Car Dealers: Dealership profitability coach Steve Nickelsen has worked with hundreds of the most progressive dealers in the country.  Highly referencable, highly respected, highly regarded.

Dealers:  Are you happy with the results your dealership is getting?  If so, GREAT.  Don't change a thing. 

However, if you find you still aren't satisfied with your profitability, operations or stress levels, we invite you to hear what other dealers have said about working with a dealership coach.

Now that you have the Ai-Dealer online sales system, is your online sales process better than the process on your showroom floor?  If so, sorry.  However once again we have a suggestion to "LET YOU HELP YOU." 

One of Nickelsen Partners' best practices is called "Showroom Efficiency."  While individual dealership experiences vary, we have numerous, referencable dealers that have increased prospect closing rates from 15-20% to 30-35%.

Dealers:  Do you want to feel more in control of your dealership?  Do you want to enjoy greater profitability than you ever dreamed possible?

Highest impact best practices are:

  1. A World-Class Showroom Experience
  2. Unsold Prospect Follow Up
  3. Morning Variable Manager's Meeting
  4. Inspect what you Expect - Balanced Dealership Scorecard
  5. Turnkey salesperson recruiting, hiring, training, coaching
  6. Let others carry the load!  Make your dealership a "High Performance Team"

Some dealers need the security of knowing that there are many, many other satisfied dealers out there that have worked with Nickelsen Partners?  Click here to review testimonials.

When you are ready to take it to the next level, Click here for more information