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Ai-Dealer Data Processing Fees

All of our contracts are no fixed term, pay-as-you-go, cancel any time.

Shopping Cart

  • $500/month for data extraction, enhancement and support, but there are exceptions. Sometimes it is more; sometimes it is less. 
  • Additional fees for Shopping Cart and Ecommerce activity are: 
    • $10 for each unique consumer account (lead) 
    • $250 for each consumer who buys online (delivery) 

Quite frequently, we are asked for real world examples on the interpretation of our shopping cart fee structure. Here are the most common two:

  • A consumer creates an account, but does not use it to submit an offer (buy). In following up the unsold account, the dealership gets the consumer to come in to the dealership and the consumer takes delivery of a car. The data processing charge in this case is only $10. The $250 charge does not apply. 
  • A consumer submits their prepared deal using the Ai-Dealer shopping cart, but for some reason never takes delivery of the vehicle. In this case, the $250 does not apply. Had the consumer taken delivery, the $250 data processing charge for that service would have applied.  

Wiki Websites

  • Dealer owns the site names used 
  • Dealer Direct wiki websites are sold with or without the Shopping Cart 
  • Shopping Cart fees above are not included in Dealer Direct wiki fees 
  • Individual dealer or dealer-model sites may be created. 
  • "Umbrella" sites that sit over such micro-sites may alse be created. 
  • Typically "Umbrella" sites are $250/month + $50/month for each additional franchise (i.e. BMW+Audi = $300/month) 
  • An Umbrella site covers all new vehicle model lines that a dealer retails 
  • Sub-Umbrella brand sites are not necessary, but $50/month if desired (i.e. also one for just BMW and one just for Audi = another 2 x $50 / month) 
  • Additionally where individual model line sites are created, there are additional monthly fees ranging from $250/month to $500/month depending upon the complexity of the model line (i.e. Honda Civic Sedan is $250/month. Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado are each $500/month)  
  • As every implementation of these sites is unique, please so that we can explain your options and create a custom quote for you. 

When you are ready, download, read and review our contract. Complete, sign and fax (614-573-7436) it back to us.

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"We love the engagement the Shopping Cart creates with consumers.  They come, they shop, they buy."
--- Danny Bayard, Braman Audi