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Custom Avatar Design

Are you looking for the creation and implementation of a photo-realistic, intelligent conversational agent?

One like Ai-Dealer used in its first generation Shopping Cart Ecommerce application, but customized for your own brand or use?

Ai-Dealer has key strategic partnerships with Haptek and Chalice Graphics to source and supply custom photo-realistic avatars within its applications and for customers.

Digital photos of real people may be used, enhanced, modified or caricaturized.  Need a little nip or tuck?  It is easy in cyberspace.  Alternatively any custom image or character may be created as desired.

Ai-Dealer takes the photo-realistic avatars, enhances their high quality look with animation, emotive expression, a Text-To-Speech (TTS) voice and by using the Artificial Intelligent Markup Language (AIML) we transform the Alice "AIML brain" to produce the desired knowledge base, interactivity and synthetic personality desired. 

Useful, entertaining and memorable across a variety of uses, industries and activities.  Are you looking for your own Purple Cow?  Transform your business by being remarkable!

The future of the human-to-machine interface belongs to the photo-realistic, intelligent, conversational agent!