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The Best of the Best


Gathered over the past 20+ years from case studies and by consulting with many of the nation's top dealers, OEM's and dealer groups, Ai-Dealer through its partnership with Nickelsen Partners is proud to make available the following FREE library.



Wes Rydell - Where character and values meet performance.

Challenging Complacency - How to ingrain this in your organization's culture. 


People are the Essence

Duane Hagadone - From White Elephant to roaring success.  

Larry Strom - Happy Employees = Happy Customers. 

James Wood - The Song of Success.

Arnesto Ancira - Hiring the Right People. 


Dealership Profitability

The Service : Profit Link - What is the effect of service retention on your sales department?  The answer will shock you.

Doing the Right Thing - Expense or Investment?  "Policy expense" or customer retention?

Meteoric Growth - How one dealer went from #4 to #1 in his market in 30 days.

Rediscovering Fire - "Mission:  To create a service and buying experience that exceeds the customer's expectations." 


Used Vehicles

Inventory Matrices - Know + Manage your Matrix.  It is profitable.


Finance + Insurance

Melvin Houston - The Best of the Best