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Business Books for Dealers

At Ai-Dealer, we love to learn and apply what we read.  Sometimes it spills over uncontrollably (like on this website page).  Other times we keep it to ourselves.  Dealers:  the below are our favorite business books that we have read recently.  To prove how much we enjoyed them, we have provided our review of the book and top level thoughts as applied to the business of Ai-Dealer.   If you care to pick yourself up a copy, just click on the name of the book below.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy.  How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant. 

Our review:  Starts out a little bit too textbookish for our liking, but wow are the insights keen into the great successes and failures of the modern world.  iTunes, Google, eBay, IBM, Microsoft... these were and are not accidental successes.  Insightful, practical and in Ai-Dealer's case, applied.  Click here to see Ai-Dealer's Strategy Canvas (and this was before we figured out how to embed Ai-Referrals into the sales process). 

  • Purple Cow.  Transform your business by being remarkable. 

Our review:  What a fun read and terrific guidance.  We just love how author Seth Godin thinks.  If you can, read every one of his books!  As he says, every aspect of your business is either "remarkable" or you are invisible.  To be remarkable it must satisfy both meanings:  interesting enough that the early adopters in your market notice and can't help themselves except to tell others about it AND your "story" is genuine, authentic and worthy of being spread.  Hmmm... we think our application of artificial intelligence for the consumer relevant reason of buying a vehicle is "remarkable."  A funny thing happens... throughout the process (but especially at the end where emotions are highest) it is easy for consumers to spread the word.  Remarkable.

  • Good to Great.  Why some companies make the leap... and others don't. 

Our review:  A shopping list and inspiration for any company intending to turn around or create a lasting, great organization.  In order to get where you are going, it helps to have a roadmap.  This is it.  We love knowing where we are and where we are going!

Our review:  Not all individuals carry equal effect in the market.  Ravens, Connectors and Salesmen.  Epidemics both good and bad occur primarily because of the actions of a few extraordinary individuals.  We know which of these we are.  Do you?

Check back frequently or if you would like to make a suggestion, please send an email to books@ then add ai-dealer after the @ symbol.