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Car Dealers:  Want to Learn What Others are Doing to Sell More Cars Online?

I am asked frequently how I keep up with what is going on in online automotive retail car sales and thought I would share the online sources that I enjoy.

If you are interested in the experiences, thoughts and opinions of those on the forefront on online automotive retail car sales, here are the must read destinations that I frequent:

  • Chris Hanson's blog.  Chris is the Internet Director at the David Thomas Auto Group in Dallas/Plano.  We speak quite frequently as he has Ai-Dealer's shopping cart, but the helpful reference material and discussions on his blog are great for any Internet Manager.
  • Dealer Advisor's blog and website.  While Shaun Raines' and my paths have crossed quite a bit over the years I have only recently come to know him.  I find his thinking on "the way it has been" and "how it probably ought to be" incredibly refreshing.
  • Ryan Gerardi's blog on blogging.  No that is not an oxymoron.  In the past year Ryan has had the courage to quit a nice, safe job as the COO of HomeNet to pursue his dream of owning his own company.  Autoconversion is this effort and he is building a business around car dealers and blogging.  If you really want to understand more about the reasons why a car dealer should do this, what it means and what it entails, there is no better source to understand it than Ryan's blog.  Make sure you check this one out too.  I consider it to be his best.
  • Jeff Kerschner's blog called DealerRefresh.  Dealer Refresh focuses on discussions related to trends in selling cars online and the various technologies car dealer Internet Sales Managers use.  This is one of the best read blogs in automotive retail.
  • Dealer Impact blog.  Dealer Impact builds car dealer websites.  I have zero experience with their sites and do not know them... just enjoy their articles.
  • Auto Dealer Vision blog.  I don't know who is behind this one, but think it is one of the prettiest blogs I have seen and has quite insightful content which seems quite unbiased by vendor input.
  • Robert Farago's "The Truth About Cars" blog.  Robert is a master of blending shock headlines and calling it the way he sees it.  Always entertaining, usually uncomfortable for those called out, personally I keep hearing Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men shouting "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"
  • And last but certainly not least, my good friend and business partner Steve Nickelsen.  Much of Ai-Dealer's online shopping cart experience is based upon Nickelsen Partner's Showroom Efficiency best practice.  Steve has been consulting to car dealers and manufacturer's longer than I have been in the business.  With his permission, Ai-Dealer has made some of the best practice videos he has produced available here.

And then there are Forums.  A Forum is different from a blog.  A blog is like the Wild West of online discussions.  A Forum is more like a conversation.

Enjoy the references.