Introducing the Avatar: 

The ascending star of the human-to-machine interface!

Pinnochio?  We think not! 

Coy Blinks
Quick Left Wink
Quick Right Wink
Slow Left Wink
Slow Right Wink
Fast Nod
Short Nod
Random Head Movement
Crossed Eyes
Very Uncrossed Eyes
Rolling Crossed Eyes
Googly eyes
Look Up
Look Down
Look Right
Look Left
  press one at a time
  do not press while talking
Shake Your Fist
Hands On Hips
Swing The Arms
Fix Your Hair
Arms Crossed
Nail Inspection
Quit Walking
Quit Attacking!
Sad Specific
Cross Arms
Hide Face
Big Sigh
Clasp Hands
Wipe Tear
Talk Gestures
Left Hand #1
Left Hand #2
Left Hand #3
Both Hands
Right Hand
Right Hand Point
scripting info
If you want to script in any "specific motions",
i.e. hands on hips, you will want to deactivate
the automatic gestures that normally occur durring
speech for the durration of the "specific motion"
The hypertext for this is:
\setmood [figure= body_f_modest action= [sw= GestureMaster m= sleep]]
\setmood [figure= body_f_modest action= [sw= GestureMaster m= awake]]