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Ai-Dealer Partner Suppliers to Dealers

Google has pioneered the Internet as a pay for positioning model.  Ai-Dealer employs a similar model in its Ai-Sales system. 

While providing a great service to its users (relevant ads germain to the user's search results), Google is able to sell that positioning to advertisers.  This is where Google makes most of its money.

In the same vein, Ai-Dealer has "Preferred Partners" within the Ai-Sales system as a service to its dealers.

These Preferred Partners are various providers of items to dealers and are an integral part of selling a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, etc.  Examples include accessories, finance contracts, insurance and protection products and so on.

The Ai-Dealer Preferred Partners have their products pre-loaded in the Ai-Sales system.  While they may always be disabled by a particular dealer (it is their dealership), there are many disadvantages to doing so:

  • Back end integration to the Preferred Partner systems
    • keeps the table values for product pricing automatically up to date
    • sold deal contract transmission
  • Embedded sales presentations invoking the specifics of the product to the consumer and using Ai-Dealer's avatar (animation, speech, FAQ's)
  • Top level and prominant product display on the relevant pages the consumers encounter.

Even better, the Preferred Partner programs are sold in conjunction with the Ai-Sales system by Ai-Dealer, so these partners need not dedicate a retail sales force to such efforts. 

The best slots are filling up quickly and at this stage, Ai-Dealer is only intending to have one such Preferred Partner in each category and on a named industry + geographic basis.  If you or your company would like to discuss participation in this program please send an email with contact information and a summary of the area of your interest to and then put at the end of the email address.