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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The dawn of a new era in technology is at hand.  A convergence of digital animation, artificial intelligence (AI), consumer psychology, Text-To-Speech (TTS) synthesis and various other disparate technologies is going to fundamentally and permanently change the man-to-machine interface.

Look at your cell phone or PDA.  Are the menus and buttons really the most efficient way to translate your thoughts into actions?  What if you had a conversational, intelligent, virtual human able to understand your spoken commands?  What if you could teach it what it does not already know? 

What no other company has done yet is bring the disparate component technologies together into one effective whole.  And so enters Ai-Dealer...

The opening paragraph lists some of the technologies Ai-Dealer is using to empower its Ai-Sales and e-Learning products.  For example, consumers do not know everything required to structure their own car deal, so the avatar teaches and guides them through the process.

Mechanically the avatar serves a useful purpose.  While intellectually interesting, we say "So what!"  To Ai-Dealer the application of these technologies is only important to the extent it produces an effective experience.  Although there is the added bonus of powerful marketing since it is something few consumers will have had mass exposure to.  By plugging in an Artificial Intelligence engine such as ALICE and modifying it to create the Illusion of Personality, Ai-Dealer transforms the user experience from a complex, multi-faceted, mechanical exercise into one that is fun.  We call it "Gaming with a Purpose."

While we know our dealers will be happy as long as it sells cars online, we define our flagship Ai-Sales product as an alternative to going in to a showroom and buying a car.  To us the approximation of Artificial Intelligence is only relevant in that context, but that same definition has many applications in nearly every other business.

Ai-Dealer is also now at the center of the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence as its AIML Editor tool has now been released on an invitation only basis.  The basic version of the AIML Editor is available to a working panel of experts from the AI-Foundation who are reworking the ALICE code base for best practices and advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence in general.  Later in 2007 a consumer version of the Editor should be available.  While still under development, there is also a Professional version of the AIML Editor.   It will allow corporate customers to have the Artifical Intelligence interoperate with websites, eCommerce and other applications.  Inquiries about the technology should be directed to AIML_Editor at Ai-Dealer dot com.

Below are some research articles we found particularly interesting as we investigated the various applications and teachings of Artificial Intelligence in the world of commerce and Internet selling.

  • ACM Portal.  Some absolutely wonderful and ground breaking research on Artificial Intelligence and its uses, effect and application in Internet selling.  The free subscription gets you the articles you need, but it takes them 2-3 days to approve you.
  • iMediaConnection.  From Max Headroom to today, applied uses of avatars.
  • Austin Digital Media.  Studying the Internet for its effective use as a media.  The author coins the terms "Applied Entertainment" and "Gaming with a Purpose."
  • Virtual Humans - Creating the Illusion of Personality by Peter Plantec also served as a tremendous source of inspiration into the possible.

AiI-Dealer is also a proud member and supporter of A.L.I.C.E. and the AI-Foundation as a lifetime Gold member.

Today's Artificial Intelligence owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Dr. Richard Wallace and his ALICE organization.