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Artificial Intelligence:

Applied Expertise

Ai-Dealer is pioneering the adoption of more effective human-to-machine interfaces.

Keyboard?  Mouse?  Touch-screens?  No thank you!  How about a photo-realistic, conversational , intelligent agent (known as an avatar)?

Whether it is:

  • Creating a custom, photo-realistic avatar appropriate to your brand or use
  • Using the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) to create a synthetic personality that is engaging, entertaining, knowledgable or just plain useful
  • Tracking the user's interaction with a website or an application
  • Sourcing or creating a custom avatar voice or other technical capability
  • Creating a custom Artificial Intelligence brand or image for your business

Ai-Dealer is the one-stop-shop for this expertise.

Once you have seen it in action (such as in Ai-Dealer's First Generation Shopping Cart Ecommerce System for car dealers), we guarantee you will never look at any technological device the same way again!

As your Artificial Intelligence partner, Ai-Dealer will provide such services on an outsource basis, refer you to partners if your project is beyond our capability or act as a critical resource in a knowledge transfer relationship to bring Ai-Dealer's technology offerings into your own internal IT department.

For more details on this, please contact us at Applied-AI-Expertise@ then add to the email address.