Dealers:  Meet your new online salesperson.  Notice how life-like and realistic she appears?  Your consumers will too.  Even better, she doesn't just look great, but she is smart.  She uses Artificial Intelligence to be knowledgable and useful in her purpose.



          Using Artificial Intelligence to humanize
          eCommerce by car dealers

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Consumers BUYING cars from dealers
= eCommerce

Dealers:  finally your customers can use the Internet to actually PURCHASE cars and trucks from your dealership – not just begin the typical “lead” process!

The way online shoppers buy today:

Research Dealers: In excess of 80% of consumers start their vehicle buying journey online. Visit Dealers:  Online consumers are driven to come on in to the dealership. Discuss Horrible stereotype of a car salesman Close Dealers:  The Finance and Insurance office is dreaded by many consumers.  It can be a rushed, high pressure sales environment.Drive Consumer takes delivery of their new vehicle from dealer.

With Ai-Sales:  100% online! 

Research Dealers: In excess of 80% of consumers start their vehicle buying journey online. Shop Car Dealers:  Consumers don't want to inquire on your website, they want to shop and some want to buy.  Give them what they want, then turn the shoppers into buyers as they have to tell you who they are in order to use it.  Decide Dealers:  Online consumers will reward you for a great experience.  Let them. ............................Drive Consumer takes delivery of their new vehicle from dealer.


Get a leg up on your competition.  The Internet is NOT going away.  If anything its use is accelerating.  Boost your dealership's online efforts from marketing to sales.  Sales:  that is the point of an online presence isn't it?  Look at your online presence today.  Are you proposing marriage on the first date?  Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Michael Dell will tell you that online leads are not eCommerce.  If there is no "Submit to Buy" button, it is marketing not sales.

In general, consumers have considerable frustration with the current Internet car buying process.  Call or email to discuss is not the online buying experience consumers are looking for.  So consumers are not happy with the current lead inquiry model that is prevalent, but what about dealers?  Since the whole process goes offline after consumers find the vehicle they are looking for, dealers are left with frustrating closing ratios and a questionable ROI because price is the principal competitive differentiator in a low trust environment and in the absence of a great experience.

For the first time, Ai-Dealer's system lets online consumers do everything that they would do if they came in to a dealer's showroom.  Credit, Finance, Lease, Rebates, Extended Service Contracts, Accessories, Insurances, Protections, Tax, Title and Fees; it is all included in a simple to follow series of progressive steps that channels consumers towards the inevitable "Buy Now" conclusion.  The system is specifically built to build trust as the consumer moves through a great experience.  Stop chasing Internet leads with expensive technology, inexperienced staff and low gross profit prices.  Make it convenient for consumers to buy from you.  Dealers:  secure your competitive advantage with a Great Online Experience.

Best Part:  You only pay when consumers buy through this system!  

It is easy to get started!  If you already have a website, you are well on your way.  Just return two signed copies of our contract along with your deposit and we will hold your territory.  You may cancel at any time.  There is no other commercially available product like this in the market today!

Don't think cars can be sold on the web?  It has already been done.  Click here to read what the senior Editor of Automotive News said or here to read what the wife of F+I Magazine's Editor said.  Others have thriving businesses that cut out significant dealership profit centers.  For example, EBay Motors sold $14.3 Billion in vehicles in the second quarter of 2005 making cars the largest & fastest growing segment they have.  For the first time, dealers can now get in this game in a real way.  All consumers will not buy this way, but a small percentage of Internet traffic is enough to boost any individual dealer's sales substantially.

And now you can see Version 2.0.   We have set up access for you to enjoy the experience that you will be giving to your consumers through your website.

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