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Resource Center for Dealers and Others

In researching Artificial Intelligence (AI) for use in selling systems, in learning about referral marketing and otherwise becoming the company you now see represented on this website, Ai-Dealer has accumulated this list of products and services it found useful.

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Character Council "It is the ultimate goal of all Character Cities to encourage and help every citizen be a person of good character."  Enough said.  See our commitment by clicking here.

Affiliate Relationship Intermediaries for Dealers

  • Commission Junction.  Takes a while to get approved, but a lot of the big players are here (eBay, Tire Rack).
  • LinkShare.  Quick, easy, effortless.  For our industry we felt the coverage of merchant companies could be better.
  • Amazon.  The 300 pound gorilla.  Learn to buy your own stuff through your own link for an additional price reduction.