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Company Profile

Ai-Dealer:  an Artificial Intelligence and Dealer company.

Ai-Dealer is a privately owned, Ohio based LLC.  Its principals have long and successful histories as dealers, dealership managers, dealership consultants and in ground-breaking dealership system development.

Neither the company nor its equities are registered with either the SEC or the state securities regulators beyond any filing and notice obligations for Private Placements under the Securities Act of 1933 and Regulation D s.506 in particular.

In conformance with such rules, Ai-Dealer is NOT generally advertising its Private Placement Memorandum and it is NOT making unsolicited offers to invest.

Unless approached on an unsolicited basis by an accredited individual, under the applicable SEC rules, Ai-Dealer and its principals are restricted from initiating discussions on potential investment to:

  1. Only accredited investors, AND
  2. Only individuals with whom one of the principals of the company has a pre-existing relationship, AND
  3. Even then only in conjunction with a full disclosure package comprised of Ai-Dealer's Private Placement Memorandum, Business Plan, Projected Financials and Operating Agreement.

Individuals who are on this website as part of their due diligence in response to an offer to invest from us are directed to send their inquiries to due.diligence@ and then put after the @ sign in the email address (We publish all of our email addresses this way, so the Internet crawlers can't send us SPAM like they would if we typed