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Ai-Dealer's Partners

Ai-Dealer prefers to stick to its core competency of visionary software creation and development, then partner where ever possible.  Below are its current active partners.  If you would like to discuss becoming a partner of Ai-Dealer, please send an email to us at partners (at)

Nickelsen Partners:  A coaching service to assist dealers in implementing profit improving best practices.

Nickelsen Partners and Ai-Dealer have a strategic relationship for sales agency in the retail automotive vertical market, use of the Nickelsen Partner's best practices in Ai-Dealer's Ai-Sales and e-Learning applications.  Nickelsen Partners are also available as coaches to assist dealers in implementing offline best practices demonstrated by Ai-Dealer's software.  Prices are on a retainer basis and vary according to the scope of the engagement.  Please send an email to snickelsen at for more information.


Haptek:  The best of the best.  When anything less than a photo-realistic avatar will not do, Haptek is the best.

Ai-Dealer has a world-wide exclusive licensing agreement with Haptek, Inc. for use of Haptek's photo-realistic avatars in its vertical market of retail automobile distribution.



Chalice Graphics:  Custom Haptek avatar design for a unique brand and image.  Putting the face and body on Artificial Intelligence.

Ai-Dealer and Chalice Graphics (now Ai-Dreams) have a strategic partnership for the custom design and creation of Haptek photo-realistic avatars.  Formed by two of the world-famous graphic designers of the Digital Girl forum, Chalice Graphics has a rare and valuable skill set in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence:  They can put a human face on it.




The ALICE Artificial Intelligence Foundation:  Founded to advance the science of Artificial Intelligence on open source and open standards.

The Alice Ai-Foundation is an open source movement dedicated to the advancement of the science of Artificial Intelligence.  Whether by defining standards for the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) or by making its data sets freely available, the Alice Ai-Foundation has been pioneering effective Artificial Intelligence for more than a decade.  Ai-Dealer is a proud supporter of the Alice Ai-Foundation and its work.  



Robot Hosting:  Ai-Dealer's applied Artificial Intelligence implementation services partner.


Robot-Hosting is Ai-Dealer's marketing and international services partner for extensive, custom Artificial Intelligence implementations.