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Artificial Intelligence + Ai-Dealer:

A brief history

The stuff of geeks, legends, science fiction and "next-ware" the dream of Artificial Intelligence or "the thinking machine" has been with us for a long time.

First came the fiction...

Ancient Greece - Pygmalion is the story of a statue brought to life for the love of her sculptor. The Greek god Hephaestus' robot Talos guarded Crete from attackers, running the circumference of the island 3 times a day. The Greek Oracle at Delphi was history's first chatbot and expert system.

Third Century BC in China - Chinese engineer Mo Ti created mechanical birds, dragons, and warriors. Technology was being used to transform myth into reality.

Royal Courts during the Enlightenment Age in Europe - Clockmakers made mechanical ducks and humanoid figures.

Hollywood - From Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to 2001:  A Space Odyssey's HAL9000 to Star Trek:  The Next Generation's Lt. Data the concept of a thinking machine has begun to advance on our concept of the possible.

Then came the science...

1642 - Blaise Pascal created a mechanical calculator

1936 - Alan Turing publishes his paper later called the "Turing Machine" which included the possibility of a machine operating on its own program, modifying or improving it.  Turing's other work in decrypting coded German messages during WWII most likely saved Britain in that war. That same work in computing laid the foundations of the PC revolution and the Internet.

1995 - Dr. Richard Wallace founds the Artificial Intelligence Foundation and begins work on the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML).  AIML is a minimalist language and is based on the open source concept.  His AIML chat bot ALICE is the first two-time Loebner contest winner.

2000 - The Internet and technology dot com bubble bursts evaporating shaky business models with impractical or non-existent revenue models.

Now comes the money...

August 2005 - Ai-Dealer is formed to create a system and means of consumer process automation whereby a complete car deal is purchased from a car dealer - credit, finance, lease, trade-in, rebates, extended warranty, insurances, protections, accessories, tax, title and fees.  The process is multi-faceted and complex.  The "alternative" to this new model is face-to-face interaction.  The decision to add a photo-realistic, intelligent agent (avatar) is made.

November 2005 - Ai-Dealer and Haptek, Inc. announce world-wide exclusive partnership for use of Haptek's technology in Ai-Sales, Ai-Dealer's ground-breaking car dealer eCommerce application using applied Artificial Intelligence.

December 2005 - Ai-Dealer and Nickelsen Partners announce joint marketing, sales agency and intellectual property agreement.

May 2006 - Business Week recognizes avatars as one of the "hottest" emerging technologies.

May 2006 - Ai-Dealer CEO and President, Brian Hoecht teams up with Ai-Foundation leader Dr. Richard Wallace to reinvigorate the AIML standards and open source community.  The top minds in the AIML community are assembled and beginning the effort of fusing together the component pieces of AI technology into a synthetic whole that is greater than the sum of its parts before drawing media and business attention to its activities.  The forum's activities may be viewed by clicking here

May 2006 - To rave reviews, Ai-Dealer releases the free consumer version of its AIML Editor to the Ai-Foundation panel contributors in support of their work.  Work on the commercial version of its Editor is commenced.

June 2006 - Internet heavy-weights Michael Dell and Amazon's Jeff Bezos are rumored to be in the hunt for more effective interfaces for their consumer's shopping experiences and automotive retailing in particular.

June 2006 - Ai-Dealer and Robot-Hosting announce joint marketing and international Artificial Intelligence services delivery partnership.

September 2006 - Ai-Dealer's flagship car dealer application (Ai-Sales) commences consumer beta testing.

November 2006 - Ai-Dealer's flagship car dealer application (Ai-Sales) is released commercially.  Click here to view the Press Release. 

January 2007 - Ai-Dealer is featured in the Dayton Daily News.  Click here to read the article.

April 2007 - First vehicle in the history of retail automotive is old 100% online by a car dealer.  Click here to read the article.

July 2007 - Dealers questioning Internet leads efficiency and profitability.  Click here to read the article.