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May 2010 - Management Brief:  The Online Car Dealer's AH-HA Moment 

Mar 2010 - DealerRefresh:  Seeing The Forest For The Trees

Feb 2010 - New Product Release:  Dealer-Direct Microsites

Nov 2009 - Press Release:  Click.  Shop.  Buy.  Now for used cars

Apr 2009 - Shop Online Portal:  The Auto-Grok + The Car Dealer Shopping Cart Network

Jan 2009  - PR Web:  Car Dealers Adopt True Shopping Cart Ecommerce

Nov 2008  - Dealer Daily DigestHow To Profitably Advantage Your Dealership

Digital Dealer magazine:  Solving the Internet Lead-to-Sales Conversion Problem

CapGeminiWhat Is The #1 Desired Feature Of In-Market, Vehicle-Buying Consumers?

Oct 2008   - Management brief:  Online:  Avoiding The Seven Sins Which Cost Your Dealership Sales

Sept 2008  - Management brief:  How Do You Define Ecommerce At Your Dealership?

July 2008  -  Digg It?  Fox TV News: Video Coverage - Women Flock to Online Shopping -- For Cars

June 2008 -  Digg It?  New Car Dealers That Allow Consumers To Buy Vehicles Online

May 2008  -  Management brief:  3 Phases to a Great Idea

Dallas News New Car Dealers Move Toward Online Transactions

Blog Talk RadioBlurring the line between your virtual and real showroom

-  Management brief:  For Car Dealers, the Internet is no Field of Dreams

April 2008  -  Digital Dealer Conference Presentation:  Car Dealers with Shop and Buy Online

-  Management brief:  Are You Fishing Where the Fish Are + Using Irresistible Bait?

Mar 2008  -  Intellimark Survey:  What Matters Most to Dealership Website Visitors

-  New Age Media:  Ad Agency Online selects Ai-Dealer as preferred vendor

-  Blog Talk Radio:  How self-serve shopping carts change consumer behaviour

-  Management brief:  Online, are you studying the right metrics of success?

Press ReleaseAd Agency Online endorses Ai-Dealer's car dealer shopping cart

-  Management brief:  What is your website's Raison D'etre?

Feb 2008  -  Press ReleaseAi-Dealer chooses Chrome Systems

Jan 2008   - State of the Union:  Quiet Reflections on Dealers Selling Cars Online

- Internet Marketing ReportBuilding Trust ... with Rattlesnakes in Suits

- Announcements:  Car Dealer Transactional Websites:  Upcoming Events

- Management brief:  Car Dealer Vehicle Pricing:  Are You Charging Enough?

Dec 2007  - Management brief:  The Lessons of Beowulf for Car Dealers

- Dealer Marketing MagazineNo Trust, No Sale

Nov 2007  - Management brief:  Shopping Carts?  Brokers?  Leads?  Which Way Forward?

- Management brief:  Sun Tzu for Car Dealers

- Blogs + Forums:  Best online reading and learning resources about selling cars online

- Management brief:  Conquest vs. Retention.  Did someone change what is profitable?

Oct 2007   - CapGemini study:    Of In-Market Consumers 1 in 5 Would Buy a Car Online

- Management brief:  When the crowd moves on

Sept 2007 - Management brief:   Is There a Looming Digital Divide Among Car Dealers?

- Management brief:   Dealership Internet Use:  A Hub or a Spoke Approach

- Management brief:   Online Consumers Do Not Care About You

- Management brief:   When building a superhighway, don't just pave the cow paths

Aug 2007  - Management brief:   Dealership Websites:  The Medium is the Message

- Management brief:   Are You Looking For More Showroom Traffic?

BlogProAutomotive:  Technology Ineptness is an Industry Issue, not a Dealer Issue

- Management brief:   Promises, Promises

- Management brief:   Internet Leads:  Is this As Good As Car Buying Is Going To Get?

- Management brief:   Does your website propose marriage on the first date?

July 2007  - Management brief:   Questions for a 21st Century Car Dealer

- F+I MagazineMy wife has bought a car before, but this was really the first time she completely grasped the itemized breakdown of the deal

- Management brief:   Next Generation eDealers:  Click and Mortar Execution

- Management brief:   Internet leads for dealers:  Efficient?  Effective?  Profitable?

May 2007  - Automotive News:   Has the 17 minute transaction become a reality?

Apr 2007   - Press release:   Age of true eCommerce between consumers and car dealers arrives

Jan 2007   - Dayton Daily NewsArea software developer creates computerized car salespeople

Nov 2006  - Press Release:  Consumers now able to buy vehicles online from car dealers

June 2006 - Ai-Dealer and Robot-Hosting announce joint marketing and international Artificial Intelligence services partnership.

May 2006  - To rave reviews, Ai-Dealer releases its AIML Editor

Dec 2005   - Ai-Dealer and Nickelsen Partners announce joint marketing, sales agency and intellectual property agreement.

2001-'05    - Long period toiling in near total obscurity.

Oct 2000   - Canadian Auto World:   Focus on eCommerce:  the e-volution of CRM