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Artificial Intelligence: 

Nascent Technology, Huge Opportunity

Ai-Dealer is a fast-paced Internet startup, specializing in profitable results from applied human-to-machine interfaces involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and photo-realistic, intelligent, conversational agents known as avatars. 

Ai-Dealer's initial vertical market is car dealer sales and training systems as that is where its executive leaders have their vertical domain expertise.  Using these applied vertical market opportunities, Ai-Dealer is solidifying its expertise.  As with every new technology this is intended to create demonstrable proof of applied concept for media and business community credibility.

Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor product is in its beta release and is the centerpiece of a revitalization at the Artificial Intelligence community.  Ai-Dealer's CEO and President is co-chairing (with Dr. Richard Wallace of the Ai-Foundation) a volunteer panel from the open source community to advance the science and art of applied Artificial Intelligence.

Ai-Dealer's car dealer sales application (Ai-Dealer's Shopping Cart Ecommerce System) has been released commercially and is available for sale in both Canada and the United States.  A demonstration site is also available for those who can't help themselves.

Ai-Dealer's car dealer immersive digital training application (e-Learning) is scheduled for pilot release in the Fall of 2007 with the curriculum already under intensive development.