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AIML Editor

Ai-Dealer has developed both a Basic and a Professional version of its Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Editor.

The Basic version of the AIML Editor is currently available by invitation only and on a controlled release to the top experts in the field through the AI-Foundation.  This panel of experts is field-testing the Editor while reworking the ALICE AAA data set by defining and implementing best AIML coding practices.  The panel is also supplemented by a limited release to corporate customers.  This second group is using the Professional version to create working examples of conversational, intelligent agents and what they are capable of. 

Later in 2006 or early 2007, both versions of the AIML Editor will be released on a commercial basis.

The Basic version of the AIML Editor allows botmasters to load entire AIML code sets, test, develop, maintain and enhance their creations.

The Professional version allows corporate adoption and embedding of AIML to:

  • Allow the intelligent agent to have deep interaction with company websites, eCommerce and other application databases
  • Track and report on user progress through complex business processes
  • Create and maintain embedded avatar controls
  • Create and maintain embedded emotive expression for Text-To-Speech (TTS) engines
  • Generate emotive expression TTS output not using the local PC SAPI engine
  • Enable AIML <system> tags so the avatar can control any computer operation or attached device.

For corporate customers, Ai-Dealer also offers professional services related to the design of custom, photo-realistic avatars, implementation of AIML data sets customized to corporate branding campaigns, creation of custom avatar "Personalities," and the general transfer of knowledge to your own internal corporate IT department.

Additional inquiries about the technology should be directed to AIML_Editor at Ai-Dealer dot com or to drwallace at alicebot dot org.

Click here to see a full size page view of the Editor.

Ai-Dealer has developed a new Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Editor tool, which although proprietary is one of the best editing tools I have yet seen for creating, modifying and managing large AIML data sets.

Dr. Richard Wallace
Alice AI Foundation