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Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor

Ai-Dealer has developed an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Editor.

In support of the AI-Foundation and the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in general, Ai-Dealer is making its Editor available on a free, but requested permission basis. 

Those wishing access to the Editor may do so by emailing us at  .  Be sure to include a description of the intended project and your authorized agreement that supporting mention of both Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor and the AI-Foundation's AIML will be made in all marketing done of the project - websites, press releases, etc.  These are the conditions of permitted, free, use.

Click here to see a full size page view of the Editor.


Ai-Dealer has developed a new Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Editor tool, which although proprietary is one of the best editing tools I have yet seen for creating, modifying and managing large AIML data sets.

Dr. Richard Wallace
Alice AI Foundation

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