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Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor

Create, edit and maintain even large AIML data sets (like ALICE) easily and efficiently using Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor.

Open an entire directory of AIML files for simulataneous editing, manipulation of AIML code and tracing through of recursion.

You do not need to know how to code in AIML to use this interface!  The AIML code is generated for you in the background, leaving you free to focus your creative talents on making your bot smarter and more entertaining than any that have come before him or her.

Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor - easily create, manage and maintain even large AIML data sets like ALICE.

If you have worked for years in AIML, you are used to reading the AIML code.  Don't worry.  Here is your security blanket.  Preview your newly created or modified existing AIML entries on the Preview Tab of Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor.

AIML never looked so good. Preview your AIML code in real time using Ai-Dealer's AIML Editor.

And finally, test your AIML code in real time.  Type in your "user input;" see the chat session, hear the avatar speak and view the AIML pattern matching used to synthesize the response.

If you would like a custom avatar, Ai-Dealer has an in-house graphic design team that can create a custom look and feel that is unique to your particular application.  The avatar shown is that of Haptek, Inc.

AIML never looked so good. From within the Editor, test your AIML code and view its recursion.

We look forward to seeing and hearing about how AIML is applied.  Nothing short of a fundamental improvement in the human-to-machine interface is at stake:  First there were typed computer commands; next came the graphical user interface.  We are now at the dawn of the third era of computing, where the entire human-to-machine interface is going to shift towards conversational, photo-realistic, and perhaps intelligent agents.

For more information on the Ai-Foundation panel, please contact Ai-Dealer CEO Brian Hoecht or Ai-Foundation leader (and AIML guru)  .

Thank you for your interest in our project!