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Ecommerce Not Digital Marketing

Dealership websites, web forms, blogs, vehicle photos, leads, videos, social networking; while these are all worthwhile Digital Marketing activities, Ai-Dealer does not do them.  Digital Marketing is not Ecommerce.

Car Dealer Shopping Cart Ecommerce: Click to learn moreShop and Buy Online is true Ecommerce for vehicle sales, finance and insurance.  Designed as a consumer self-serve process, yet requiring engagement, Ai-Dealer's Shopping Cart Ecommerce software allows North American car dealers to add this functionality to their existing websites.  More...

Wiki Websites For Dealers Too

While it does not build traditional websites, Ai-Dealer will create and license customized, branded, specific purpose sites built on a wiki platform to support the Research aspect to consumer's online shopping. Typically created as a stand-alone site, these sites serve multiple purposes in support of dealers' online shopping cart ecommerce activities: named destination, unique content, high local search visibility, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is what the Ai in Ai-Dealer stands for.  In support of an early generation of its Shopping Cart Ecommerce software, Ai-Dealer created an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Editor.

Click to explore Ai-Dealer's Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) Editor

AIML uses pattern matching in natural language to facilitate the bidirectional communication between computers and technology.

In support of the Ai-Foundation and the advancement of the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and the humanization of technology, upon request and with a few conditions, Ai-Dealer makes its AIML Editor available for free use.  More...

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"We love the engagement the Shopping Cart creates with consumers.  They come, they shop, they buy."
--- Danny Bayard, Braman Audi